John Muratori has over two decades of ministerial experience, including the management and administration of multiple church plants. He is also the driving force behind the creation of several compassion outreaches. Currently, John is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Life Family Worship Center, which has locations in Cheshire, Connecticut and Fort Worth, Texas. In just 12 years, Calvary has become a melting pot for all nationalities, social classes and generations worshiping together and seeking the heart of God. Calvary Life has experienced miraculous sustained growth. Planted in 1998 with a handful of people, the church has grown into a major congregation impacting thousands and influencing the whole of New England. From humble beginnings, Calvary Life now reaches the nation and the world.

Dr. Muratori is also Executive Director of Turning Point Christian Center, a nationally acclaimed substance abuse rehabilitation program for men and women. Turning Point has received high praise from the “Department of Mental Health,” and “Access to Recovery.” Its uniquely high success rate and cutting-edge recovery and vocational training programs set the standard for programs of its type. ATR applauded Turning Point as the “model” for faith-based rehabilitation centers in the country.

John was asked to speak before a Senate sub-committee on the development of successful recovery techniques and proper strategies for facilitating the restoration of lives destroyed by drugs and alcohol. His appearance there was hailed as exceptionally informative and helpful to the cause of integrating the faith component in recovery.

John’s personal organization, John Muratori Ministries, has international impact, reaching South Africa, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Netherlands Antilles, and South America, to name a few. He is a sought after speaker—nationally and internationally. His books, CD’s and monthly newsletters reach many thousands around the globe. With strong Prophetic and Leadership gifts, combined with nearly two decades of ministry, John is developing the next generation of leaders.

John is a dynamic and progressive speaker with a unique message that crosses cultural barriers. John’s extensive education in Hebrew and Hebraic tradition enables him to open the word of God with uncommon depth. His emphasis on the practical application of the word of God has earned him national and international respect. He holds a bachelors of Ministry, Masters of Divinity and earned his Doctorate in Christian Leadership (D.C.L.) from Christian Leadership University in Buffalo NY.

John has lectured in some of the most prestigious venues including Yale University. He has also been called upon to lead seminars for leaders in business, industry and the clergy. In addition, he has produced resources and curricula used in prominent universities and seminaries including Houston Baptist University School of Business.

John is the founder and president of several companies. He currently oversees three non-profit organizations and two private companies. His experience as a businessman includes franchising, retail, sales, commercial printing, Internet, publishing and others.

He has been asked to speak at business meetings and networks around the world. His unique approach to business practices and principles consistently produces success for companies, businesses and leaders.

John is a recognized authority in organizational management, strategic planning and corporate transitions. He has advised companies and organizations including the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in Connecticut, and the United States Department of Homeland Security.

As an advisor, his expertise is widely sought after by organizations seeking guidance and creativity in making critical transitions. He has consulted with successful businessmen, as well as political and world leaders. John has been called in by high ranking government officials to assist with crisis management.

As an author and sought after conference speaker, John reaches people across the nation with his insights on leadership, organizational excellence and program development.

He is the author of several books, including Rich Church, Poor Church, which is internationally acclaimed and climbing numerous Best Seller lists. Rich Church Poor Church is a pioneering work on biblical economics and finance. Through the book, economic seminars and ground-breaking curriculum, Money By Design, John has helped countless churches and individuals find the path to financial freedom.

John’s breadth of knowledge allows him to speak effectively and powerfully on a broad range of topics, including economics, business, leadership, biology, quantum physics, Hebraic traditions, relationships and much more. John has been described as a man of many insights whose wit combined with his deep understanding of scripture position him to be a teacher of teachers.

John and his wife Carmela have been happily married for 22 years and have two sons.

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