Pastor Carmela

Pastor Carmela

Carmela Muratori is a woman who can relate to the battles women face. At a very early age she was dealt the domestic responsibilities of caring for the home and her siblings. Her personal testimony and walk with the Lord has been one of many trials and victories which has equipped her with a heart of compassion to see women restored to God’s original plan.

Carmela has a passion for teaching a wholistic message — one that impacts the body, soul & spirit. After a time of consecrating herself to seek the Lord regarding health and healing in her life, the Lord directed Carmela, through diet and nutrition, to regain health, and to continue to seek out and learn about natural remedies for ailments. With the help of God, Carmela teaches extensively on how our Creator has wonderfully made and equipped the human body to heal itself. Her ministry is marked with many individuals who have been healed by applying the nuggets of truth she has uncovered through the last decade of study.

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” —3 John 2

In 2003, God prompted Carmela to birth a mentoring ministry to assist women of all ages and walks of life to become everything God intended for them. Now, more than eight years later, ‘SHINE’ continues to grow and expand as a cornerstone ministry of Calvary Life. SHINE is an acrostic for: Serve, Heal, Inspire, Nurture and Edify–this is the vision for each woman the ministry touches.

Carmela’s life is devoted to a prayer pursuit of God. She is a woman who practices a belief that great things are accomplished, and maintained through prayer. Her husband attributes much of their growing success in ministry and personal life to the fact that he has a praying wife.

Carmela is the wife of our Senior Pastor John Muratori, has three wonderful children and two grandchildren. Get to know Pastor Carmela even more: read her profile, follow her on Twitter and visit her blog.

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